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embecyclone How do you play Barcelona in this year? 2011-11-09 22:38:02
liathetle who will be champions evro2012?
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painquimeleme Dealer principals or their management team putting off establishing social media strategies will be detrimental for a number of reasons.
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Since data happens in "real-time," by the time you finishing updating a page someone is already viewing it; that is powerful advertising. If upon your search you discover there aren't that many home inspection compani..
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painquimeleme Dreams: Links between real and imaginary worlds? Interesting Argumentative Topics List
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Get searching on Social Media. Follow your competitions' Twitter accounts to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and define the tone they've chosen to use. Like their Facebook page to gauge their relationship ..
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painquimeleme I love watching all of the other so called news, people have the nerve to blast Glenn Beck and for reporting the actual truth, when at one point I could not stand to watch other networks, because after watching them before sleep I became afraid, depressed and had such nasty dreams. News is news bottom line. But, when you are an American citizen and truth is limited, it raises a question in my mind. Are we truly free here in America? The only way to change this economy is to be informed. With truth.
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painquimeleme You can't find it if you don't know what you are looking for. What do we mean by that? Simply that cash flow, working capital, business financing can be sometimes ' overworked' ' catch all' terms that mean various things to various people. Therefore you must focus on the need first, not the solution. Thankfully those needs can be nicely broken down into several categories as follows: day to day operating capital, immediate growth needs for new opportunities, equipment and asset acquisition, hard asset refinancing.
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painquimeleme The Ball Room caters to the distinguished clientele who prefer a more refined setting. The luxuriously appointed room will include its own bar and DJ booth to create the intimate feeling of being at a private social club.
Politcal Issues Everything You Need To Know About Anemometers
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painquimeleme Complete World News
Ron Paul Revolution T Shirt Ron Paul 2012 Revolution T Shirt
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painquimeleme 1)Punch a hole about half an inch from the rim in four of your paper cups.
It is the Bible that becomes the unifying factor between all the various Christian denominations and faiths. Keller cannot be faulted for his position in the eyes of most evangelicals and others but with apostasy and the new more tolerant theology of the day he is not without his protagonists. Anyone who knows Bill Keller will understand that the best invectives won't even slow the man down.
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painquimeleme The world of social media changes every day. There are new apps; some fall from favour. People use apps in new ways. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are changing all the time. That's why up to minute research is so important. Sherrilynne Starkie, consultant for Thornley Fallis in Ottawa Canada, keeps an eye out for new studies and surveys and tracks them on her blog.
Room prices include a selection of cold breakfast items and a full English breakfast served in the Inn's pub. The restaurant, with original beams and a log-burning fireplace, serves lunches, dinners and snacks featuring ..
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painquimeleme Having faced a number of poor voting results in early campaigning rounds, former US Senator Fred Thompson has decided to withdraw from the presidential race on Tuesday.
Herman Cain: 26%
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3. Health care insurance and disability insurance must be federally mandated to be carried/purchased by all citizens and as in my previous article on this topic, premiums should be pro-rated and surcharged according to the covered individual's healthy or unhealthy lifestyle habits.
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painquimeleme 1)Contact the Massachusetts Health Connector by calling 1-877-MA-ENROLL or visiting its website at www.mahealthconnector.org. Depending on family circumstances and income, residents have access to MassHealth, Commonwealth Care and Commonwealth Choice benefits plans. Both MassHealth and Commonwealth Care make coverage affordable for those individuals and families who meet income guidelines and who do not have access to employer-sponsored health insurance. Commonwealth Choice is more expensive, but is available to anyone who lives in Massachusetts regardless of income or access to benefits from .. 2012-05-12 14:18:51
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Architecture And Engineering Occupations USD 71,430
In 1992, the government of Yemen pass..
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Mike chooses to follow through on his friend Trevor's (To..
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painquimeleme Spas are far from the city's hustle and bustle and often feel like a world of their own. In fact, some are true retreats where you can disappear for a day or more. Spas represent tranquillity, but they also help prepare guests for the demands of busy, time and energy-demanding Cape Town holidays. The city has some marvellous and opulent suites that can provide that extra touch you need.
Although John Edwards has placed third in the primary, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is attempting to take advantage of the bickering between Romney and McCain, hoping that people will turn away from the..
2012-05-12 20:57:26
painquimeleme Obama 50-43, just a hair worse than December's 49-44 deficit. Neighboring Georgia'sNewt Gingrich pulls the same 42% as in the previous poll, but Obama has inched up from47% to 50% against him. And, as ever, Sarah Palin brings up the rear, trailing 52-39; sheearned 38% in December.
Poll Number 2 If Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney was on the ballot in 2012 which one would you Vote for? In my other Poll I have Obama and Ron Paul. also comment if you feel maybe someone else maybe a better fit.
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This pension program is employed by the government of Australia. Those individuals who are unable to work for more than 15 hours a week due to their disability can avail the benefit of this pension scheme; the disability should be severe enough to stay for minimum 2 years; it makes the individual eligible to avail the benefits of this pension program. It is necessary for applicants to bring a certificate from their doctor to prove their disability. The Disability Support Pension was earlier known as Invalid Pension; New South Wales was the state where this program got introduced in the ..
2012-05-13 00:53:42
GypeGenceRory Other Legal Aspects
Dead Prez
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Contrary to common beliefs, skin problems are not acquired due to stress and other physiological factors. It is somehow associated with the ageing process and the changes that com with it. Dark under eye circle is caused by weak capillaries, which tend to leak blood to the skin surface. This is the main reason for dark eye circles and other types of skin pigmentation, especially around the eyes and throughout the facial area.
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GypeGenceRory Best Places to Retire in USA
Mackinac Bridge
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painquimeleme - Meeting unpredicted medical bills,
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- If the applicant lives in a "community property" state
Payment history: 35%
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GypeGenceRory Once SEC is satisfied with the registration statement, it declares the statement to be effective, giving a go ahead for the IPO to happen and a date to be fixed for the same. Sometimes it asks for amendments to be made before giving its approval. The company needs to select a stock exchange where it intends to sell its shares and get listed.
Federalism offers representation to different populations. Citizens of various provinces may have different aspirations, ethnicity and follow different cultures. The central government can sometimes overlook these differences and adopt policies which cate..
2012-05-13 21:51:26
painquimeleme Recommended steps to enhance an application for a mortgage loan with bad credit is to take out a series of small personal loans, of perhaps just $1,000. When each is repaid, the credit score improves.
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These l..
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GypeGenceRory The top favourite of 'plein air' painters, its glorious colours, interesting textures and unusual shapes of its rock formations make it almost impossible to create a bad painting of the Grand Canyon. Don't let this imposing natural wonder intimidate you from getting close enough to draw and paint its spectacular beauty - it is easy when you're on a holiday hiking or walking. USA-trained tour leaders know the topography well enough to help you find the perfect angle, as well as the trails that match your level of fitness.
As mentioned earlier, the federal system in United States is constantly ..
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painquimeleme The Oklahoman, Business Writer, Don Mecoy
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If you want to eliminate your debt it is a must that you stop using your card for a while, until you repay the debt. Also, if you are thinking about how to get out of debt and stay out then it is equally impo..
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GypeGenceRory The green card lottery program makes it much easier for people to apply and get a permanent resident Card. Managed by the Department of State of United States, the diversity lottery program is familiar to almost everyone who wishes to apply for a green card. It is always a myth that only a lucky bunch of people make it to the lottery program. Of course luck matters a lot, but most of the applications are rejected due to lack of certain essential information and/or some kind of minor errors in the application.
T-Mobile USA to aim Nokia phone at first-timers >
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painquimeleme Nowadays credit card companies are becoming very alert and aggressive to safeguard their money. You will come across a 'universal default clause' in many company agreements. This means if you fail to pay dues as small as your library dues you have made a biggest mistake which is big enough to destroy your financial life!
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GypeGenceRory Like every profession, salaries in initial years are less, as lawyers have no work experience and have been just introduced to this field. In the initial years, new lawyers assist the senior lawyers. The starting salary for a lawyer according to latest reports, with an experience of less than a year is between US $50,000 to US $70,000 annually. Amongst the various salary ranges for jobs, this is quite a decent salary to start working with. Read more on: Lawyer Salary.
By purchasing cutting tools made in the US, manufacturers are, in a way, helping to ensure their own survival. The more US man..
2012-05-14 15:14:45
painquimeleme - I'm tired of the broken promises of Democratic candidate Barack Obama, from not getting ALL U.S. troops out of Iraq to not closing down Guantanamo to not dumping the Don't Ask/Don't Tell military policy (it took a law suit from a Republican organization to get a ruling against the policy) to rubber stamping the renewal the Patriot Act and continuing other Bush administration secrecy policies to not getting wasteful earmarks under control to facilitating the further divisions within the country.
By: Frank Bilotta
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GypeGenceRory University of Cambridge: The University of Cambridge was founded in the year 1209. An association formed by a group of scholars later on grew into what is the University of Cambridge. The number of students enrolled in this university annually is 18,396. Cambridge is the second-oldest university in the nations with an English-speaking population. This university has produced 61 Nobel laureates, greater than that of any other university in the world. For the year 2011, the University's endowment stands at $6.8 billion.
Florida $57,700 to $72,500
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There are resistances however from some factions that say the revising of the existing law and the implementation may contradict the Constitution under Human Rights clause. But it was clarified that said law is not necessarily intended for enforcement but for dealership only. The law suggests that gun owners be mentally checked to make sure that the intention for the ownership of the gun is not for a possible retaliation. A c..
2012-05-14 17:34:57
painquimeleme On the final day open to registration for the 2010 Wyoming Governor Election, Leslie Petersen and Pete Gosar both registered with the Democrat party. Leslie had been the chairwoman of the Wyoming Democratic Party.
Election Day finally arrived in Massachusetts and the results are nothing short of a miracle.
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Harvey Spector is better able to withstand the pressures of being a high profile lawyer who can manipulate and twist the facts. His boss, Jessica Pearson, is forcing him to interview and hire a protg for recruitment into the firm. Harvey is less than thrilled because he prefers to work alone and thinks less of everyone else but himself. Since he cannot get out of the process, he, along with his assistant, begin the gr..
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GypeGenceRory [url=http://dwarfs2418.soup.io ]look at this post before time runs out [/url] http://lieutenant2684.posterous.com The New York City in the United States hosted the world's first commercial motion picture exhibition. The film industry of the United States gets its name from Hollywood in California, which is the central location of the American movie industry.
MEMC Electronic Materials - USA
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painquimeleme My label was exactly as I stated; "liberal-socialist" and it is a term which takes into consideration the current label of liberal, with the reality of which way the Democrats are taking our nation; towards socialism. He and those who vote Democrat are not "liberals" by strict definition, and the Democrats are moving America towards socialism by nationalizing businesses, banks, and industries such as; auto industry, healthcare sector, and health insurance industry. That is by definition things that socialists do, I didn't make that up.
There is a radicalism to Independents that rivals any on ..
2012-05-14 20:23:32
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Furthermore, when you need instant answers and want to avoid frustrations with time-consuming methods, go to a reliable USA People Search device and perform a search like an expert. No need to be concerned about secrecy of lookups because there are no ways where they could know that youve done such investigations. You have all the control in your research and you can decide to continue pursuing..
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painquimeleme 07th June 2011 If you run your own business, you'll know that every penny counts - especially when you're trying to improve your bottom line. This means that there should be no area of your business accounts that dont come under your close scrutiny, even if they don... Read >
Case 1: "State Departments Golden Boy to the rescue!"
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There are many other jobs which can be considered as high paying jobs such as air traffic controller, lawyer, anesthesiologist, actuary, financial analyst, insurance broker, etc. The profession of a private detective is among exciting jobs that pay well! A few other in demand jobs are those of:-
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painquimeleme What the country is getting is a PR president, who is on television more often than Larry King. These almost daily appearances seem to be scripted to draw attention away from the failures of his Democratic administration, rather than to transparently describe what his administration is doing.
The Continual Increase, in Size, of the Government
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painquimeleme To get the best score, you have to manage your credit well. This does not mean paying down every debt. Ironically, paying off all your debts means you have no record in managing your debts. You need to keep credit cards and use them responsibly to maintain your score. This requires selective pruning. Pay off all the most expensive, like the store cards. Keep the cards with the lowest interest rates. If you need advice, go to one of the ethical debt counselors. The National Foundation for Credit Counseling runs a website helping you to find the more responsible advisors. Why do this for insuran.. 2012-05-15 13:31:26
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A huge renewed interest in Online Gambling has taken place in the past couple of years but, that lingering fear and curiosity of is it legal and safe, still exists.
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painquimeleme It is the so called clean bill simply providing funding for the war that offers the greatest hope to Democrats going forward. By compromising with the White Houseeven if it be largely on the presidents termsthe Democrats will be able to maintain the high ground with swing voters. At the same time, there is every reason to believe that Democrats canand indeed shouldcontinue to criticize the prosecuting of the war for its failure to promote political reconciliation, end sectarian violence, and develop an equitable distribution of oil revenue. They should give the President the funding he seeks n.. 2012-05-15 15:35:56
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Georgia Atlanta GA Atlanta
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painquimeleme Motivating Sales Teams
Sen. Obama proudly proclaimed that the turn out for one Obama-Oprah event was the biggest turnout for a political event ever for any candidate in this campaign. Yet, after Oprah gave a rousing speech, people began leaving the stadium in droves while Sen. Obama was making his speech. Obviously, star struck Oprah fans came to see their idol and could care less about Sen. Obama's views on the issues of this campaign.
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If you are tired of scrolling down, don't be, because this is where I need to take your leave and leave it on you to choose wisely among all these options of high income jobs. I would insist on choosing the best job over any other high income jobs, because I believe there is a thin line between leading an ideal life and leading a perfect life, and that my friends, can only be understood when you know what living a perfect life is all abo..
2012-05-16 11:16:24
painquimeleme The government has announced the introduction of a new childrens' savings account.
The chances of healthcare reform soon passing the Senate are mixed. Michigan Senator Carl Levin believes that the bill stands a "decent chance" of gaining the 60 votes needed to break a filibuster. Indiana's Evan Bayh seems to be similarly ambivialent, though he admits that a solution that satisfies everyone is virtually impossible. Meanwhile, Republicans are calling the bill fatally flawed and recommending that it be scrapped and healthcare reform put on the back burner. That idea is unacceptable to Democrats,..
2012-05-16 11:31:13
painquimeleme It is the two major parties that organize and dominate government at both the national and state levels. The Republican Party is steadily losing its base. Republican leadership is obviously concerned, and is attempting to solve the problem by leaning as far to the left as possible without turning blue. Presumably, this is because they figure, if the voters don't want Republicans, they must want Democrats. So, if the country is leaning to the left, the party leaders figure they'd better lean with it. (Hows that for leadership?) However, I have a different theory. I believe the real reason the .. 2012-05-16 14:42:21
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Grover Cleveland became the twenty-fourth president of the United States, when he was re-elected for the second time. Grover Cleveland is the only president to serve two discontinuous terms in the American history.
2012-05-16 17:30:16
painquimeleme 11th March 2008 Democrat Hillary Clinton's campaign has received support from Hollywood titan Jack Nicholson. Nicholson has endorsed a video compilation of some of his famous film roles in support of Democrat Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. The video endorsement, popular... Read >
So how do we protect the American people from the murderous attacks of radical Muslim terrorists and still achieve President Obama's apparent goal of getting the rest of the world to love us? It's a complex and tricky objective wouldn't you say?
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painquimeleme Sounds great, doesnt it? Not so. At the same time he signed PayGo, he also increased the federal debt limit by $1.9 TRILLION, to $14.3 trillion. This means that the Federal Reserve will print up an additional $1 trillion dollars that they will spend on Democrat programs. It also means that every dollar in your pocket will be worth less. This is a cunning way for making us all pay for their spending, without being open about it and just raising our taxes.
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painquimeleme Miraculously, the cartoon character appears in the next scene, seemingly in perfect health despite falling a thousand feet to the ground. This works in cartoons, and does not work in the life of a country. Millions of horrified Americans are joining the Tea Party movement, as it becomes clear to them that weve gone off a cliff, time is up and the country is in free fall with the ground coming up fast.
I don't expect to hear much public criticism of the highly admired Giffords, however, and I don't think she deserves any. Serving out her term would have meant either short-changing her constitu..
2012-05-16 21:22:52
painquimeleme As go the primaries, so goes the general election. Traditionally, primary junkies are hardcore political animals, the base of the party that can be counted on when the counting gets tough. If the Republicans could not even manage to motivate their loyal hardcore core, then they will be in a world of hurt come November. The psychological damage of seeing their "anointed one" lose by such wide margins in the primary races can be an insuperably difficult hurdle to overcome. Many will read the handwriting on the wall as a fait accompli and not even show up at the polls when eVoting Day rolls aroun.. 2012-05-16 23:22:28
painquimeleme Just ask the Democrats.
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painquimeleme - I'm tired of being called names like knuckle dragging Neanderthal, Ku Klux Klan member, terrorist, and ass#!$* by people like Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson and Democratic czar Van Jones simply because as a United States citizen I dare to have valid and legitimate differences of opinion with politicians' ideas and plans.
Fortunately, Mr. Obama understands that Pelosi and Reid can't be allowed to carry out their agendas. The interesting part is that he is going to have to be the one to reign them in. Republican ineptitude in reigning in their own spending knocked them out of any serious..
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painquimeleme and a lot of Metro Traffic people. When I reached the corner, I
Now then, we shouldn't be too hard on President Obama because he is just learning how to actually run something, as he's never really had any executive leadership experience. Unfortunately, he's not learning very fast, and his team of czars, and the people in his cabinet are some of the most far left leaning individuals in our country, almost to the point of being radicalized (in my opinion). Socialism doesn't work - it's a dead end road. It's not okay to destroy our nation's economy or implode our nation's treasury, but that's e..
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painquimeleme Kennedy then went on to give a short little speech, Jackie said a very few words, and Clem, with the crowd now back in love with him, stepped up to the podium to wind up the evening by promising to give every single person in attendance the opportunity to meet the next President of the United States and to shake his hand.
The Six dead are: a 9-year-old girl, Christina-Taylor Greene, 76-year-old Dorothy Morris, chief federal judge in Arizona, John Carroll, 76-year-old Darwin Stoddard, 79-year-old Phyllis Scheck, and Giffords, 30-year-old assistant Gabe Zimmerman.
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painquimeleme I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat.
Whatever the world might think about the leader, Bill Clinton was truly one of the best Presidents US ever elected. I was reading Albert Speer's 'Inside the Third Reich' the other day and, towards the end, came across a reference of Martin Niemller. I had already read about this individual in several other books on the Second World War, most notably William Shirer's 'The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich'. And I was, of course, acquainted with his famous poem -
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painquimeleme South Carolina is the third state to hold nominating contests, and voters go to the polls Saturday. The eventual nominee will face Barack Obama, a Democrat seeking re-election, in November.
Essentially the most preferred phrases ended up "I adore the U.S. "and" My family members lives inside the U.S., "Wow, what the guidelines! However the ruse labored, and much more than six million folks ended up naturalized earlier than the 1996 elections. Needless to say, new residents have been overwhelmingly Democrat and concentrated in 5 important says: California, New York, Illinois, Florida and Texa..
2012-05-18 08:59:55
painquimeleme The Supreme Court's 2010 decision in McDonald v. Chicago upheld citizens' constitutional right to keep at least some types of weapons in their homes, but did not rule out all legal restrictions on guns. In theory, the issue remains open to political discussion, but in many places, including Arizona, the issue is closed in practice. If Giffords hopes to return to elected office, and if she really meant it when she said in this week's video that "Arizona is my home. Always will be," I don't expect her to follow the path of gun control advocacy that James Brady set out as he recovered from his sh.. 2012-05-18 11:23:02
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Federalism in Today's World
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painquimeleme According to CBC News, three members of the Canadian hockey team on the bus at the time of the accident were awarded $2.25 million in damages after a jury trial in 2010.
9) When Rep. Steve Cohen likened Republican critics of Obamacare to the Nazis and their propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, Obama was silent.
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painquimeleme After the stock market meltdown, prominent politiciansmost of them Democratsinvited economists and political scientists to take a long, hard look at the risk-benefit ratio in 401ks. 401k and the Democratic Party began a new chapter in their on-again/off-again history.
A constitutional assembly was formed in the first meeting of parliament which decided to make the country's fundamental law. Modeled on the Belgian example, the first Iran constitution was made and signed on December 31, 1906. The Shah died only 5 days later. This historic house still remains a mute spectator of the revolution w..
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The cross-border inspection program is an extension of a program that was first implemented in 2001. It was comprised of twenty two safety rules that had to be followed. These same safety rules will be at the heart of the new inspection program. According to Secretary Peters, the current program has met all of the Congressional safety requirements. Since 1995, they have spent more than $500 million on this program. Most notably, they have invested the money into making t..
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painquimeleme Edmund Emil Kemper: nicknamed the Co-Ed Butcher (born 1948); renowned serial killer, active around California during the 1970s. He was 15 when his grandmother scolded him for being naughty. So he got a rifle and shot her, and granddad. Then he hit the road, murdering six female hitchhikers. Eventually he showed up at his ma's place, killing her and a friend. He turned himself in at the local police station.
See Barney Frank as early as 2004, praising the success of the sub-prime mess, as fellow Democrats ignore warnings by a federal regulator, even attacking the regulator as he warned the Hou..
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painquimeleme We have become the "hind teat state," failing to take our destiny in our own hands, depending instead on the rising tide in Massachusetts and Washington. One person who seems to recognize the desperate straits into which we have sunk is Gov. Paul LePage.
Early returns show Romney with a wide lead over Texas Congressman and anti-war advocate Ron Paul, with former U.S. ambassador to China Jon Huntsman in third place.
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painquimeleme - I'm tired of President Obama as he stands mute and allows U.S. citizens that legitimately and honestly disagree with his policies and to be called racists, Neanderthals, terrorists, ass#!$*s, and Klan members
NewsLaugh: What do you mean by that?
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painquimeleme 4. Once President Obama's three Board nominees are confirmed by the Senate, the NRLB will have a Democrat majority.
Ah, but there was. Milwaukee's finest; the men in blue who were providing security for the Kennedy party, using long batons, created an aisle by forceable pusing the packed audience away from one wall of the hall. This compressed the crowd even more and made them very unhappy.
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painquimeleme Leaders today face unprecedented challenges. Economic downturns, change in workforce demands, an ever increasing competitive market combined with the need to do more with less makes for trying times for the best of leaders. Those leaders that stand out, take a stand, and make a difference are what I define as renegade leaders.
Each day seems to bring another retirement announcement by another Democrat, another poll showing Republicans with big leads over incumbent Democrats, and the American people growing increasingly opposed to Obama's programs. All of which makes it harder for Obama to con..
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painquimeleme During the debate on the budget held late at night the conveyance tax imposed on foreclosures was briefly questioned. According to the discussion, Senator Andrew Roraback (Republican) directly mentioned Senator Bob Duff (Democrat) and his attempts to contain foreclosures. Roraback said, I'm fearful that this bill with the left hand may be undoing what we tried to do with the right hand, which is get people from out under the mountains of debt which they've incurred. If I'm a homeowner that's had my house foreclosed on, and the bank came and they auctioned off my house, is this tax now going to.. 2012-05-20 16:51:09
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painquimeleme On April 22, rallies were held in Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles and "most other American cities," according to the Environmental Protection Agency. "In fact, 80 percent of all observances were urban affairs." In New York City, Mayor John Lindsay closed off a portion of Fifth Avenue to traffic for several hours and spoke at a Union Square rally with actors Paul Newman and Ali McGraw. In Washington, D.C., thousands of people listened to speeches and performances by singer Pete Seeger and others and Congress went into recess so its members could speak to their constituents at Earth Day event.. 2012-05-20 20:11:34
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After the death of FDR, Truman was elected as the thirty-third president of America. Harry Truman led America through the final stages of World War II. He also witnessed the early stages of Cold War, by opposing the expansion of Soviet Union in Europe and by defending the communist invasion in South Korea. Truman was instrumental in creating United Nations, NATO and he is remembered for his decision of using nuclear weapons ..
2012-05-20 21:23:18
painquimeleme Just three examples. Only the Conservatives can stop the 3rd Runway and car parking charges in Richmond Park. Our NHS policies will safeguard Kingston Hospital. David Cameron himself has promised to protect its key services.
Obama offered the example of the Post Office in an analogy of how the government run option wouldn't hurt or hinder the free market in delivering health insurance. Yes, the US Post Office - the government agency whose failure to sufficiently master delivery of packages from point A to point B prompted the rise of free market choices like FedEx and UPS.
2012-05-21 00:51:21
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In general it is known that the tax rate is h..
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painquimeleme Signs of that reclamation were forestalled in 2002 in New York's, Long Island's, First Congressional District, a seat long-held by staunch Republicans when a staunch arch-liberal Democrat, Tim Bishop, won that seat.
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While he may have come in third place in the Florida Republican presidential primary at the end of January, a new poll shows that Santorum is doing better against President Barack Obama than Romney in the Sunshine State.
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In other words, once we get to know a little about the person in question (i.e. vetting them to understand who they really are), the race issue becomes moot. Then we can have a dialogue about the issues without all the invectives and name calling. The issue is character. Obama h..
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And of course, we cant omit the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who has made a career of calling white people racists. He told the Politico that Donald Trumps campaign to get Obama to release his birth certificate was deeply rooted in race. "Any discussion of [Obamas] birthplace is a code word It calls upon ancient racial fears." Jesse Jackson is an enigma in and of h..
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Anyway, this weekend the 493 members of the New Hampshire GOP leadership will meet at Pinkerton Academy in Derry to elect a new state chairman. While they??re at it, they??ll participate in a ballot sponsored by ABC News and local WMUR television.
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